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Oct 29th 2004

the choice: a helpful video

in 2000 i was out of the country and had limited access to information on the presidential election. i asked my mom to send me news clippings, and there was one, in particular, that helped me make up my mind. it was a series of baseball questions that major league baseball posed to both candidates, and then reprinted in the world series program. bush tended to give short, direct responses, qualifying them with reasons. gore seemed to go on forever trying to show how much he knew, and usually ended without taking a position on anything. who knows, maybe he didn’t want to offend voters who like domed stadiums?

anyway, the side-by-side comparison convinced me that al gore was a lying, bloviating, disingenuous sack, and that george bush would say what he really thought, and be direct about it.

i’ve tried to find the article through lexis nexis,,, and even the archives of the newspaper that originally printed it, but it is nowhere to be found. the article so influenced me that i taped it into my journal. it’s not in the best shape, but you can still read it. part I part II

this year, americans are faced with a similarly easy choice. and like 2000, there is a side-by-side comparison that should end all doubt. watch the video here or here. it will make your day while helping you make up your mind.

also, bush and kerry talk a little baseball here. via kyer.

One Response to “the choice: a helpful video”

  1. Al

    I knew it!!! He does wear capri pants! Only goes to show that hair spray wearing men cannot be trusted.
    It has been suggested, or maybe I just always wanted to suggest, that there might be more than meets the eye with Kerry and Edwards. In fact, one of your old posts had a link to the two of them “playing” football on a runway tarmac. Now who needs to play football at an airport to let people know how manly they are? Any guesses? Maybe those that lack in manliness. Or in the words of Governor Arnold, “girlymen!” Just my opinion…