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Feb 21st 2004

The Human Cost of Terrorism

A sobering look at a few of the victims of terror.

The Human Cost of Terrorism
A Photograhic Essay

2 Responses to “The Human Cost of Terrorism”

  1. your old neighbor

    Doug, thanks for the link. Images can be so powerful. Photography is a great tool to educate people. What a horrifying thought to think that someone could do that to another human being. I’m really grateful to our military for trying to end this kind of suffering.

  2. Carolyn


    I liked the link as well. Normally, I think that I would be inclined to point out the site’s obvious bias toward Israelis. I’m sure we could find plenty of pictures of Palestinian refugees suffering in camps or under attack from Israeli troops.

    But, one thing that has recently come to my attention is the use of refugees for manipulation. So, for instance, neighboring countries and Palestinian refugees themselves have refused opportunities to resettle to give their cause/actions legitimacy.

    So, it gets quite complicated. Both sides have been the source of human suffering. Who is right? I don’t know…

    Here’s what I do know: this world needs more experts in the field of forced migration.