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Feb 22nd 2005

The United Nations: Does it have any legitimacy?

First this:

A Frenchman has become the first United Nations worker to confess to having sex with under-age girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but 19 peacekeeping troops implicated in the abuse scandal are likely to escape prosecution.

Now this from the UN’s new blog:

Disturbing numbers published by UNICEF: “One in 12 of the world’s children is involved in the worst forms of child labor, including slavery, forced labor, hazardous work, militant action and the commercial sex industry, according to a report published Monday by the U.N. child welfare agency, UNICEF.”

Still no word on how many of these 1-in-12 kids are working for the UN…

Does the UN even have any legitimacy left to squander?

2 Responses to “The United Nations: Does it have any legitimacy?”

  1. LaurenceB

    The delight taken by the fringe right wing in any perceived imperfection of the U.N. seems to me to be roughly equivalent to the perverse pleasure the extreme left wing takes in trumpeting any setback in the war in Iraq.

    Doesn’t the far, far left realize that our success in Iraq is fundamentally important to the future Mideast democracy, to our future energy supply, and to global American interests in general? Isn’t it pathetically immature that they hold such a grudge against Bush that they root against their own self-interest and the good of the peoples of the world?

    Doesn’t it occur to you that the U.N. is the foremost international body for promoting peace and humanity? Even given its imperfections, is that not a good goal? Doesn’t it seem pathetically immature to hold this grudge against the U.N., when clearly it is in our own interests and in the interests of the world in general to strengthen the U.N., rather than to weaken it?

    Just my two cents.

  2. travis

    unlike the lefties who desire the abolition of the US military, i don’t want to end the funding of peace-making bodies. unfortunately, we can’t really do anything to strengthen the UN. the more money we give them, they just spend it on scandalous things such as oil, making sex movies with impressionable young refugees, and wasteful bureaucracy.

    the gripe i have with the UN is that it doesn’t do the job we give it enormous sums of money to do. ironically, peaceniks’ usual complaint against the US military is usually that it does its job too well.