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Apr 28th 2004

thick-with-irony abortion rally

bunnie diehl provides great coverage of last weekend’s abortion rally. here is her intro:

I headed down to the March for Women’s (Right To Take) Lives today. Within a few blocks I was so disgusted that I felt like throwing up.

There’s nothing like being confronted with hundreds of thousands of the angriest, most vile, hateful people advocating for the right to kill their babies.

there are tons of great photos, but i think this protester gets my vote for ‘most ironic sign’:


bunnie’s commentary: An interesting look at how–when people no longer believe in the doctrines of their church–they feel no compulsion to leave. Far from it, they fight to change the doctrines to match their evil. [link]

or perhaps this one:


bunnie: Who decides whether you live or die little child? Apparently your mom.

go here and scroll down for the full effect, or choose from my favorites below:

ah, the moral highground of pro-abortionists

for a group so opposed to religion, they sure obsess about it

pro-aborts put their signage where it belongs

oh, good, it’s the anarchists

the importance of a follow-up question

a level of delusion that knows no bounds

logic not their strong suit

the face of evil

odd sign choice for a group that treats abortion like a sacrament


no hyperbole too far-fetched

5 Responses to “thick-with-irony abortion rally”

  1. [Goodness], Travis, I want to throw up after seeing all of those links…What a bunch of disgusting people. I can’t believe these same people take our water/food to proprogate their evil ways. I’m so disgusted with these people…that I won’t even care if the Detroit Red Wings don’t get out of the hole they are in against Calgary.

  2. One of the speakers was so carried away by the spirit of the event that SHE CURSED THE DAY SHE WAS BORN! Go figure.

    “I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.” – US Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif) at Pro-Abortion Rally Sunday, April 25

  3. travis

    wow. these people are getting less rational all the time.

  4. Darin

    Hmm… and how many of you have adopted children? Visited or given to an orphanage? Donated to a single-mother help center? Until you put your money and your time where your mouth is, I think you should stay out of other people’s business. Quit imposing your morals on others and give them other opportunities. It is much more effective than holding pictures of dead fetuses in someone’s face.

  5. great idea. let’s make it so everyone who opposes other crimes, like rape and murder, can’t denounce them until they’ve actually volunteered or worked in a related industry.

    then they’ll actually have a leg to stand on when they get in other people’s business and criticize stuff they don’t like.