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Oct 31st 2005

third-grade insights from david espo

take this excerpt, as reported by espo, “ap special [ed] correspondent”

“Let’s give Judge Alito a fair up-or-down vote, not left or right,” said Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.

He was one of several Republicans to say so, and there was irony in that.

After battering Democrats for years about denying GOP judicial candidates yes-or-no votes, Republicans eagerly acquiesced in Miers’ withdrawal without either hearings in the Judiciary Committee or a vote on the Senate floor.

this “irony” that the special ed journalist points out is no irony at all. (or were we upset that miers was an evangelical christian and pro-life? no.) it was obvious to everyone (from markos “screw them” zuniga to chuck schumer to about 75% (?) of the conservative blogosphere) that harriet miers was underqualified to fill the position.

for starters, she withdrew. for seconds, the issue was not some ideological battle for a more right-wing nominee. it was a clamor for a more qualified one. the withdrawl saved everyone some time.

After battering Democrats for years…

oh, the poor democrats. they meekly huddled together while the republicans beat them with sticks. it was sick. we should make it a hate crime.

david espo, please take your seat alongside MTV’s john norris in our “3rd grade insights hall of fame.”

4 Responses to “third-grade insights from david espo”

  1. Bill Bach

    Is David Espo a journalist or a left-wing zealot? Could he not at least try to keep his personal politics out of his reporting? Drives me crazy…and throws his credibility out the window. What ever happened to unbiased journalism?

  2. Duane G. Beitmen

    And I thought Sara Kugler was bad!?!? DAVID ESPO is sooo bias…I don’t know how these people maintain their employment as so called “journalist”, or even live with themselves for that matter. And why does AOL put this crap on their “In Your Face” pop-ups?

  3. James Benson

    Just read an article by David Espo re:Pelosi’s lies about waterboarding. I couldn’t believe how biased the article was against Republicans. Googled Espo’s name; first time I’ve ever done such a thing about a journalist. Can’t believe how others view him the same way which is the liberal bias of the Associated Press.

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