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Feb 28th 2008

This comment deserves its own post.

It is brilliant. And it mirrors my thoughts exactly.

Coincidence? 😉

Here is Ryan on the Barack Hussein Obama kerfuffle:

Its all twisted political correctness.

This “controversy” about his middle name…we act colorblind except when we act stupid. McCain should just say, ok, his middle name is Hussein, who cares?!

Same thing with Obama in traditional African garb? Who cares?! Obama shouldn’t call it fearmongering…he just shouldn’t dignify it as an attack. Ask straight faced who gives a shiz-nizzle about a picture of him on a diplomatic trip?

Condemn the idiotic chain emailers who claim Obama is a muslim incognito, if you must, and leave it there.


3 Responses to “This comment deserves its own post.”

  1. From

    The same day that Cunningham was dropping H-bombs on Cincinnati, Obama was at the Democratic debate in Cleveland, hastily accepting Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she didn’t order the leak of a picture of Obama wearing a turban in Kenya. “I think that’s something we can set aside,” he said.

    It was a missed opportunity. He could have explained that he has nothing to hide. Explained why there’s nothing wrong with him dressing in ceremonial clothes on official visits — like batik Bill in Indonesia in 1994 or headscarf Hillary in Eritrea in 1997. Maybe even explained why his middle name is Hussein — what his heritage means, and what it doesn’t mean. In short, to reintroduce himself to those general election voters who are just starting to pay closer attention.

  2. I think Obama should call out these childish tricks for what they are — un-subtle attempts to appeal to the ignorance of a portion of the American electorate by making him seem “foreign.” In that sense, the photo is not the same as Bill wearing batik, since no one would imagine Bill as being foreign, or from Indonesia, whereas with Obama, bigots would like to emphasize that paranoid fantasy.

  3. He should make that point Brian. But he has got to do it with a smile. He knows better! Just like the majority of America knows better. If anything, if there is any sort of sizable portion of the electorate that is bigoted towards his name or official diplomatic photos…does denouncing the use of his name and display of such photos inspire anything? If anything it confirms their misguided notions and does nothing to advance real openness in a colorblind society.

    Don’t make the “childish tricks” (if they are in fact that) the headline, make the disinterest in it being a point of interest the headline.

    His middle name is Hussein. There is no escaping that fact.

    We want a society non-biased toward race, religion, and gender and yet Obama is making his middle name the N-word of this election. He should act proud about his name and not like it is a liability. McCain as well…because when they act that way, it does become a liability.