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Sep 16th 2004

thx 1138

From all-encompassingly reader Briant:

thx.jpgWhile perusing the entertainment section of my school paper the other day, I read a review about last week�s re-release of THX 1138, a 1971 film by George Lucas. The critic based the bulk of his evaluation on the fact that the theater was empty on a Saturday night and therefore the film must be bad. The astute reader may have noticed that I am no longer in Provo, Utah because the was at least one empty theatre. I recently moved to Athens, Georgia I thought that living here would expose me to a more culturally aware student body than that expressed in the daily universe. I thought wrong. Apparently, if a movie does not follow the normal Hollywood script with explosions and exposures every five minutes laced with trendy music in the background then it has no value, even in Athens.

I will be the first to admit that this movie is not easy to watch because I got sick to my stomach the first time I watched it (my friend subsequently fired an arrow through the VHS cassette because he was so mad at it). However, THX 1138 has a lot to offer if you watch it with the right frame of mind because creates the mood as good as any movie I have seen. By that I mean it makes you feel as if you were there. If you are interested in knowing what it feels like to be under a totalitarian regime where you are sedated and there are no means (not to mention ideas) to escape then this is the movie for you.

Although the world in THX 1138 seems surreal, the main elements are simply extremes of a tyrannical government. There is lack of person, freedom, and expression, along with oppression, surveillance, and conformity. THX helps an American, who otherwise might have trouble comprehending anything outside life in the free world, understand oppression. On the other hand, it offers hope that the free mind can conquer all, and there is a really cool chase scene where a car peels out for over a minute. It may not conform to the usual Hollywood movie, but that is the whole point.

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend everyone watch this movie. For example, I love my mother-in-law because she treats me like a king and she has funny quirks. When it comes to movies (a lot of people are like this, and it�s not a bad thing), there are certain elements that a movie can and cannot have. There can�t be any intensity, plot twists, or bad guys who don�t die in the end. I was really proud of her when she watched Spiderman: that was a big step for her. She needs slow pace, romance, a little comedy, and, more importantly, a predictable script. If you share these views, do not go and see this film.

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2 Responses to “thx 1138”

  1. mother-in-law

    If anyone needs my list of movie recommendations….I would be happy to pass them along. Signed, G rated critic

  2. I am a thx 1138. I experience mind blocks and simulated thoughts. The movie didn’t freak me out like that so I think all you need to chill out. But however I’m not really happy about being a human cyborg crossbreed. But the movie is good, But its not a movie you’ll be watching alot. If you don’t know I’m the black guy that found out his whole life is fake. You really don’t notice whats going on until you have been pushed to the edge. So knowing what I know tell me this. WITH THE TECHNOLOGY THATS AVAILABLE HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF THEY WEREN’T ALL READY PRACTICING THIS FORM OF B..R..A..I..N..W..A..S..H..I..N..G ON YOU RIGHT NOW! Don’t be so quick to laugh it off……………………………………………….BECAUSE I HAD KNOW IDEA!