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Jan 14th 2004

told you so…

we told you that the recent massachusetts and texas court rulings on gay issues would start something like this:

SALT LAKE CITY — Citing a Supreme Court ruling that struck down a Texas sodomy law, a civil rights attorney filed a lawsuit this week challenging Utah’s ban on polygamy.
– – – – – – –
The suit argues that the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas protected defendants’ privacy in intimate matters when it struck down laws criminalizing gay sex last June, ruling that two gay men who were arrested after police entered their apartment and found them having sex were “entitled to respect for their private lives.”
– – – – – – –
Lawyers representing other polygamists have recently cited the Supreme Court ruling. Last month, the attorney for Tom Green, a convicted bigamist and child rapist, argued his client’s convictions should be thrown out in light of the case. The appeal of Rodney Holm — who was convicted of bigamy and unlawful sexual conduct with an underage girl — also cites the Texas case.

and you’d better stay tuned! it’s only going to get MORE interesting! personally, i’m counting the days until i have newlywed neighbors named phyllis and fido, or perhaps walter and whiskers!

but i don’t care! go on! be FREE!!!! you’re in america, after all…..

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5 Responses to “told you so…”

  1. Doug

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens now with these cases as they go to court…but my hunch is that Scalia was right on in his dissent: striking down Texas’ sodomy law in the manner that the Supreme Court did, opened the door to almost EVERYTHING.

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  3. thanks, dan. good luck with your new venture. i look forward to the debate(s).

  4. How Far Should We Go?

    How did this get missed? Ok, so I don’t check every blog every day is how. Now they are trying to legalize polygamy. When will it ever end? How far will we take mutual consent?

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