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Jul 25th 2006

Total Property Management – Horror Stories

A regular all-encompassingly reader, “Anonymous Renter,” has started a blog detailing the experiences that various tenants have had with Provo apartment complex management companies. In particular, with a big company in Provo, Total Property Management (click the link to be taken to the blog).

What can I say? Total Property Management (TPM) is a Provo apartment complex management company. That puts them in a very select group. If you know what I mean…

Here’s part of one experience about Branbury (not TPM):

The last straw came in the middle of July, after we had made arrangements for a new place to live, and we got a note delivered to our door that said, in effect, “Hey we know that your contract says you can stay until August 27, but we need you out by the 21. Sorry, and no refunds.” So I went to the office and there were about twenty other people in line with the same letter…

and one about TPM:

My problems with Total Property Management:

1) They told me to move out in the middle of finals week (and before the end date of my contract)

2) They were extremely rude when I told them that I would like to stay until the end of my contract

3) I have gone months without as much as a whiff of seeing my deposit check


In any case, head on over to Anonymous Renter and read the horror stories (and submit your own experiences!).

6 Responses to “Total Property Management – Horror Stories”

  1. M.McD

    seriously, this blog is a fantastic idea! look, free market economies demand constant consumer awareness and education. fellow Provoan and Oremite rental occupants, I hereby call you to EDUCATE YOURSELVES!! yes, even YOU can fight the local chapter of corporate america right here in happy valley.

  2. It is a good forum to express there opinions so long as the other party has a right to express there comments as well….Good site though keep up the good work,

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  4. It turns into a horror story when you get into wrong hands.It s always nice to hear people speaking out about their experiences. The excerpts lured me to the blog you mentioned.Nice blog.

  5. Property Preservation

    Great blog post. Adding you to my list. Thanks!

    [editor: Um, Adam @ Maxim Enterprises Management, it’s bad form to leave spammy comments on blogs advertising your business…]

  6. Bleck… I’ve had a similar experience before (getting forced to move out early). And yep, my company was really rude to me as well. The best thing to do is just take a deep breath and make sure that you don’t use them again in the future.