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Aug 14th 2003

travis stands behind ‘darn good’ intelligence

i’ll be splitting the next three weeks between the farm and the beach on what analysts are calling a “vacation.” to my chagrin, intelligence (darn good intelligence) has indicated that internet connections in these places may be unreliable (and that, perhaps, they are trying to obtain uranium from nigeria). so you may not be hearing from me.

while i am gone, please immerse yourselves in doug’s expert blogging.

spare me your sympathy. i will be quite happy to avoid the news for the next three weeks. i will be relaxing on windy florida beaches and idyllic kentucky pastures. i will renew old friendships and hone lost guitar skills. i might, finally, crack open treason. and mom will cook me dinner.

exclamation point.

back in september,

4 Responses to “travis stands behind ‘darn good’ intelligence”

  1. Doug

    What is this? You head home and now you’re on vacation?

    You can certainly blog from the pastures of Kentucky and the sands of Florida….Your fans demand it!

  2. Kerri

    I second that motion! And I forgot what size pants you wear, oops. I’ll just take a lucky guess, eventhough you told me to write it down. Hope you’re haveing fun! Check out Waiting for Mark, there is a new link that you might enjoy!

  3. doug, you liberal monkey. you puppet of the left. if you wanted me to post from kentucky, maybe you should’ve fixed my modem while you were at my house, instead of joyriding with briant and katie and gorging yourself at natasha’s cafe.

  4. and PLEASE note, since i have been back (3 days) i have posted as much (thrice) as you posted during my entire absence (thrice in 3 weeks). whazzup widda shizzle dizzle in ma nizzle, yo?