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Mar 17th 2005

try trillian

rightly calling itself “the swiss army knife of instant messaging“, trillian allows you to login and chat with contacts on five different instant messaging/chat programs through one portal. i don’t really need it, but for people like summer and rach who have friends using both AIM and MSN instant messengers, it could come in pretty handy. trillian is proving to be indispensible, even to me. i can sign in with multiple MSN ID’s at once, eliminating my need to log out so my wife can receive messages. and trillian’s emoticon inventory puts MSN’s to shame. my mom, queen of the emoticons, will be in heaven when she hears this.

trillian also supports IRC, yahoo, and ICQ chats. download trillian here.

i am unsure whether or not using trillian would prevent AOL from being contractually authorized to infringe on your privacy, but it seems that it would.

2 Responses to “try trillian”

  1. No, it wouldn’t authorise AOL to infringe, since you would never have signed their contract in the first place.

  2. travis

    well, in the case of my AIM account (pigcheese28) i did “sign” their contract, and so that was what i was wondering about–if i use their account with another program (trillian), is the AOL contract still in force?

    but if i didn’t have an AIM account, even if i was speaking to someone with an AIM account, then you are probably right–they couldn’t infringe.