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Sep 22nd 2004

UVSC Debate Rages

Sean Hannity has offered to debate Michael Moore at UVSC. Unfortunately, Moore admits that he isn’t a debater, since logic is required. So, Hannity is still offering to speak at the school for FREE. He apparently does not require the $40,000 per diem for food and personal hygiene items.

Also, read the comments that people have been making to our previous post on the subject.

9 Responses to “UVSC Debate Rages”

  1. Al

    As a student of a certain college located somewhere in Orem, UT, I have had the…privilege…of hearing many people voice their opinions. Moore is a liar. Pure and simple. He is even more an opportunist than Kerry, taking advantage or anything remotely controversial to make a profit.

    But that is beside the point. Honestly, I could care less that he is speaking at UVSC. I do not like my tuition paying for him, but unfortunately I do not allocate my little contributions as an out-of-state student. If I did, there would definitely be a free lunch everyday and a bi-weekly flogging in the quad of the idiots that take the parking space I was waiting for. I digress…

    The professor of my business presentations class is the Director of Communications for the college. We have had a lot of discussions about this matter and today was no different. The situation is getting out of hand. When there have been threats of all kinds, both of violence and the removal of funding, I can’t help but think ‘enough is enough.’ The “student government” got there revenue they hoped for and the ear of the community. But I say to heck with Moore if my future entails even more tuition increases due to lack of private funding.

    Fortunately, with Hannity coming now, that future is looking a little brighter, with only a 5% tuition spike instead of 25.

    I have to admit that those who thought of this whole deal were brilliant, because now they have gotten UVSC in the spot light. They not only have the look alike of Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs, but they have Hannity. AND FOR FREE!!! Brilliant. Cheap and wrong, yes, but brilliant.

    So come on, Hannity! Stick it to el gordo!

  2. LOL… Pizza the Hut! You said it perfectly!

  3. travis

    check out the ticket prices to go see moore and hannity speak. go to and click on the “mckay events center” link. UVSC administrators may be illiterate (as doug pointed out), but that doesn’t mean they don’t know a great opportunity to engage in extortion when they see it! it appears that, even though UVSC is getting hannity completely for FREE, they’re still charging $5-$10 per ticket to the event.

  4. al

    Isn’t it great!!! Looks like my tuition increase won’t be as bad next semester. Go democracy and the two party system!

  5. Chinpira

    okay like I think people should all just quit crying. you know what? maybe I’ll start crying cause the school is spending more money to bring freakin Hannity here. and hes a freakin far right wing conservative. oh boo whoo. open your freakin minds. we are an institution for highter learning. Money is not the issue anymore since if you think about it. more than 4,000 tickets were sold. now put 4,000 times 10 and you get what? anyone?? anyone? oh wait, it’s covered already. so lets think about it now. so in all fact, money is not a freakin issue. lets open our eyes, and here an opposing view for once. even if its opposite (far opposite) or mr far right wing. I think its a good thing for UVSC.

  6. doug

    “…we are an institution for highter learning.”


  7. Utah Valley State College

    Here’s a story from last week that’s well worth passing on. One person in the administration of Utah Valley State College, Vice-President Joe Vogel, decided to deplete almost the entire budget of $50,000 for speakers by inviting Michael Moore to addres…

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