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Apr 24th 2006

VIDEO: mckinney meltdown

when will she grow up? and why does her condescending tone remind me of every incompetent elementary school teacher i ever had? watch the video of cynthia mckinney’s latest public relations misstep

cynthia mckinney video

5 Responses to “VIDEO: mckinney meltdown”

  1. doug

    Admit it Travis…you love her.

    I do.

    Congresswoman Cynthia is simply hysterical.

    And the thing is, I think that she is perhaps correct on this “off-the-record” thing. I mean, she was doing an event and then didn’t realize the mic was on once she was leaving (reminds me of Cheney’s profanity to Bush about a reporter at one of their events). Common courtesy would suggest that they not broadcast it.

    But after acting so immature and like an “incompetent elementary school teacher” in so many public venues it is a riot to see her put on this serious act of wanting the comment to be off the record. Like calling a staffer an idiot even ranks in her Top 10 Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Said list.

  2. Ryan

    Is the MSM trying to make her look so ridiculous to distance her from the Democratic party? I mean, something happens with a Republican congressman and there are news stories for days informing the public of the woes of the Republican Party. Something like this happens, and it seems like they want people to think she is just plain crazy and not to associate her with the Democratic Party.

    (C) Cynthia McKinney (C stands for Crazy)

  3. Cliff

    Wait a minute Ryan. I thought the so called MSM was supposed to hide the faults of Democrats. Now when they are showing the faults that makes them biased also? I guess you can have it both ways!

  4. Ryan

    I was pondering the possibility of the MSM just glazing over her story as “a less competent congresswoman” while for a republican, they would say stuff like “This compounds republican problems in an election year.”

    Perhaps I’m analyzing it a bit far on that point…

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