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May 24th 2006

Vote the Bums Out

Yet another reason not to support the GOP this fall. The Republican leadership is a joke.

House leaders of both parties stood in rare election-year unanimity Wednesday demanding the FBI surrender documents it took and remove agents involved in the weekend raid of a congressman’s office.

“The Justice Department must immediately return the papers it unconstitutionally seized,” House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Does it even matter who is running the nut farm we call the House of Representatives? We’ve had a Republican congressman admitting he took bribes, a Democratic congressman keeping his bribes at home in the freezer, Ted Kennedy’s congressional son playing chicken with stationary objects while driving drunk abusing prescription drugs, and Cynthia McKinney taking swings at the Capitol Police.

What jokers.

15 Responses to “Vote the Bums Out”

  1. Ryan

    what then is to be done?

  2. Ryan

    I suppose what I mean in that is, what can I do?

    So there is a problem with people getting elected and not doing their job like they should or said they would, but what do we do? Vote for 3rd party candidates that don’t get elected and don’t have a chance at a significant block of congress?

  3. All power corrupts…

  4. isn’t it spelled “bums?”

  5. doug

    How embarrassing. 🙂

    I’ve corrected the spelling.

  6. no biggie, doug. a great post covers many sins, especially one with a quotation that resonates like:

    the nut farm we call the House of Representatives

    great description. and you didn’t even have to mention jim bunning, which is saying something.

  7. adam

    I thought you might be interested in It’s a political news blog that anyone can post on, make comments, rate content, etc.

  8. In order to battle the lawlessness of the Kennedy Family a group of like minded students have banded together to produce the successful “Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint,” held this past week in D.C.

    They stood together, fighting the good fight, making the roads safer for you and me.

    Their video can be seen at the Public Advocate Website.

  9. Perhaps the libertarian party is the answer!

  10. […] Congresswoman, you will be missed here at all-encompassingly. […]

  11. Gerald

    Vote against every incumbent. If enough of these fools loose, this may very well put enough fear in the one’s left to actually get them turned in the right direction. Vote all incumbents out of office even if you have to vote for a person you really would not normally vote for. This situation is critical. Our very freedom and liberty is at stake. These morons do not have a clue and need to go. Vote the Bums out!

  12. Bobby Holcomb

    I have a question. My ballot does not indicate which is “incumbent”. How can I find out easily? Also, I would rather choke on a popcorn kernal than vote for a democrat, if the incumbent is a Republican, how can I use my “write in” vote wisely? A sample of my local ballot is available on line for Knox County Tennessee.
    Your advice would be appreciated

  13. I recently wrote a blog about this very topic without even realizing someone else was writing about it. I’m glad to find out that there are others who feel exactly as I do. I am also for voting all incumbents out of office, but I have a couple of extra points, I want all incumbents voted out until they accept term limits. If you want, check my blog out at: Uh…Okay, Then. To check out the particular blogs on Vote The Bums Out, check out: 1)Vote The Bums Out! and 2)Operation Vote The Bums Out Part 2!.

  14. doug


    Thanks for your comment. And you’re right, what the NYC City Council did was shameful.

  15. All Americans, Liberal or Conservative can agree that our politicians have failed miserably. They won’t impose term limits voluntarily but we can impose them by ALWAYS voting against the incumbent; in every election at every level.
    Vote the Bums Out!