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Jul 22nd 2003

we are pollsters now

all-encompassingly’s inaugural poll is at the bottom of the right-hand column of this page. so, go and make your voice heard! and please–don’t vote like a floridian. make sure you mark the right dot the first time.

BTW, speaking of polls…

UPDATE: i’ve moved the poll to just below the hallowed “daily mitch.” i dunno if that will be the permanent poll-spot. we’ll have to see how he behaves himself up there.

thank you all for voting!

UPDATE 31 july 2003: the final results of the poll are here.

2 Responses to “we are pollsters now”

  1. Ed Gantt

    Hey-ho! Nice poll! I love polls! I was the first one to vote on your pole! I’m da man! Whoo-hoo! Who’s yer daddy?! Its ma birthday!



  2. Best of Me Symphony 53

    Best of Me Symphony #53 Were concerts by leftist celebrities going to be problem for Bush? What’s in a (big) name? Since Americans already know for whom Bruce Springsteen will vote, why else would Dummocrats and the rest of