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Apr 19th 2003

weddings are crazy

i wish i could avoid all weddings. there is too much formality and sentimentality and schedule-keeping involved in weddings and whatnot. the depressing thought (for me) is that very few of my friends are married, and most of them, if not all, will eventually get married. i am doomed to be a guest at many more weddings. it is a scary thought. help me, trumpy.


who is trumpy, you ask?

3 Responses to “weddings are crazy”

  1. "bob"

    hey, I think this one was a repeat…

  2. travis

    yes, but didn’t you notice the new image and links? i thought, since it has been significantly enhanced, it was time to bring it back for another go. kind of like cher does with herself, every 2 years or so.

  3. "bob"

    yes, but I keep wondering if you are expressing some dissatisfaction to your participation at a particular wedding in San Diego…