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Dec 16th 2003

we’ll raise your IQ


the captain over at the 100-hour board (an entertaining Q&A project run by student volunteers) offered a much appreciated and very unexpected plug in response to this question:

Q Are there any online sites or anything (that doesn’t cost) to help one learn really fast or raise IQ? [edited for coherence]

among some other responses came this, which i cannot explain:

A Try It sure made me into the man I am today.

thanks, cap’n. you made my day. here’s the Q&A, at the source: [link]

5 Responses to “we’ll raise your IQ”

  1. That’s quite the compliment. They should try reading a book and keeping a dictionary handy.

  2. "bob"

    you better believe all-encompassingly is where I get all my news!

  3. "bob"


    IF YOU LIKE THIS BLOG CLICK ON THE QUOTE: “Enjoying your Blog… but don’t forget your school work…” IN THE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING SECTION.

    It is time for us to show some appreciation… my here’s my 2 cents!

  4. admin

    “bob” whose real name i know, and who is a friend, did donate some money. two cents, as he said.

    if a penny tip is the ultimate insult to a waiter, a two-cent tip must be the commensurate insult to a blogger.

    thanks, bob.

    i will remember this next time you ask me to feed your cat while you’re away.

  5. I applied for an MBA program and in the application, it asked what sources do you frequent to get your information to go about your daily life. Well, being a team player, I listed this site:

    The admission officer/consultant called me a couple of weeks later and said, “That’s a very good source,, but since you went to Michigan State University (aka, Cow College) and barely passed, we will be unable to consider you as a future student/graduate of our MBA program. Perhaps working the laundry detail in your local area nursing homes after hours would be your cup of tea. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.”

    So, my question to the site vistors here: Did I hurt my chances by listing this site or did I increase my chances? I must mention that I am a Detroit Red Wings Fan…

    Do tell, Do tell…