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Jun 25th 2003

what we think we’re doing

[we] appreciate all true intelligence, whether moral, social, scientific, political, or philosophical. truth and intelligence have a tendency to enlarge the capacity, to expand the soul, and to show man his real position–his relationship to himself and to his god–both in the present and the future. that he may know how to live on the earth and be prepared to mingle with the gods in the eternal worlds.john taylor (1)

maybe some of the things we say here can lead people to “truth.”

before you laugh, roll your eyes, and close your browser, just wait a second. granted, we probably cannot “lead to truth” in the uplifting way that is meant by the man who originally made the statement, and even applying the statement here may be a bit over the top. but we have said a few meaningful things over the past few months. and we might say more in the future.

but we blog for a lot of reasons. it helps us vent our frustrations, makes us laugh, and fulfills all of our fantasies. also, we imagine people questioning their views (2) because of what we say, though that is probably unlikely. much more likely is that we offend them with our irreverence for their beliefs.

we are not the people who wear armbands on campus and we don’t attend protests. but we feel comfortable expressing ourselves here, probably because we’re semi-anonymous, and if you find us to be arrogant, pompous, opinionated blowhards, you can simply hit the back button.

to justify our immature tendency to humorize everything, we turn again to john taylor, who said: amusements are not incompatible with correct conduct and true religion. (3)

great! okay then! well, we will press forward with our pastime. thank you and please excuse the meta-blogging…(4)

footnotes! (lest ye think we’d ‘pull a NYTimes’ and make all of this up)

1. (true intelligence) john taylor, deseret news (weekly), 30 september 1857, 238. emphasis added by all-encompassingly.

2. raymond green, michnews online:

3. (amusement) john taylor in james r. clark, compiler, messages of the first presidency of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, 6 volumes (1965-75), 3:121-122.

4. meta: A prefix meaning one level of description higher. If X is some concept then meta-X is data about, or processes operating on, X. For example, meta-data is data about data, meta-reasoning is reasoning about reasoning, and meta-blogging is blogging about blogging.

2 Responses to “what we think we’re doing”

  1. Kerri

    my favorite “blogs” are the ones you write late at night when your normal “travis” inhibitions are down. that’s why i read them, because they are funny and they make me laugh, laughing is fun.

  2. Kristie

    If you affiliate yourself with the constructionist epistemology (as opposed to positivism or subjectivism)–which I do–“truth” (not to be confused with “Truth” with a capital T, which, unless you’re a positivist, can never be experienced, revealed, or completely understood) is constructed or “called into existence” by one’s interactions with it (see the works of Stan Knapp, Immanuel Kant, or a plethora of other people who’ve had nothing better to do than sit around and write esoteric books on hermeneutics and metaphysics).

    So, I’d say that blogging is the quintessential “new-age” avenue for exploring, developing, and intellectually interacting with truth–and hey, reading these things generally proves to be quite entertaining. Nice work! On marches the quest for truth…and Truth!