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Mar 29th 2007

What’s up with the endorsements?

Am I the only one getting tired of reading about people endorsing this candidate or that one?

McGovern is supporting Hillary?

Forbes is backing Giuliani?

Clooney throws his vote to Obama?

Folks, the primaries are almost a year away!

I mean, I really like Mitt Romney. I think anybody on the GOP side and even some on the Dem side will be adequately tough on terror, so Romney’s business credentials are huge (would love to see him slash and burn the federal government’s budget). While I love the fact that Hastert and Boehner seem to like Romney, I can’t say that I’ll vote for him for sure. How can anyone?

It may come out that Obama dealt coke in college to his buddies. Or Rudy may get cancer again. Or Fred Thompson may actually impress people this time around and become a serious candidate. Or Hillary could self-destruct in the first real Democratic debate. Heck, the British could end up bombing Iran before the end of April (Newt would!). Who knows what the next few months hold?

2 Responses to “What’s up with the endorsements?”

  1. N Chung

    don’t forget, Mitt Romney is endorsing Rocky Anderson for re-election as mayor of SLC.

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