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Dec 17th 2003

why i blog in lower-case

tonight i made a lower-case comment on a weblog somewhere, and became the butt of an immature joke. i–the very purveyor of immature jokes–the head honcho of horseplay, the skipper of spoof, the chieftan of chiding, the ringleader of ribbing (if you will)–was razzed.

Is one of those capital-impoverished areas? Is it an ironic tribute to e.e. cummings? Or are you trying to conserve pixels?

How’s THAT for immature humor? 😉 [link]

i responded. [link]. not only do i appreciate the good-natured joke, but i am glad i had a reason to really think about why i blog in lower-case. here’s my philosophy on capitalization:

i have always thought writing should be a person’s complete self-expression. when i was in high school i wanted to make up my own words when they did not exist to fit my purposes. the mean teachers said, ‘no.’ i said, ‘shakespeare did it.’ they didn’t care. supposedly i had to learn the rules before i could break them??? i dunno, i wasn’t really listening.

but anyway, i take my anti-capitalization stance out of simplicity, and an interest in aesthetics. periods seem to do the job for dividing sentences, proper nouns are pretty easy to spot, and i think the consistency of the lower-case is much more attractive than the mix’n’match of normal punctuation.

now that i blog, i can write the way i want. no grades to worry about, no job on the line…only linkage–blessed linkage–to be won.

2 Responses to “why i blog in lower-case”

  1. Ed Gantt


    Travis, I thought you were a capitalist?! How can you be an anti-capitalization capitalist? I’m beginning to suspect your some sort of democratic mole, some sort of postmodern, deconstruction, phallocentric, neo-feminist grammar relativist!!!

    Then again, I really hate the one’s who TYPE IN ALL CAPS — I think they are compensating for some anatomical deficiency. . . .



  2. travis

    yes, though it is hard to believe, i am anti-capitalization while, at the same time, being pro-capitalism.

    i know they look very similar on paper, but in reality they are DIFFERENT! ha.

    i am also opposed to using more than one exclamation point at a time, generally. and in personal correspondence i usually go out of my way to avoid exclamation points entirely. i feel my mood is rarely worthy of a single exclamation point, let alone many.