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Nov 23rd 2007

Sassiness will be punished by electrocution.

Man is tasered for arguing about speeding ticket. And he didn’t even get to yell, “Don’t tase me bro!”

Hat tip: The Agitator.


Apparently, the guy getting tasered is the one who posted the video of the incident on YouTube…after the Utah Highway Patrol continued to stonewall him.

The decision to post a video of himself being shot with a Taser by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper on the Internet wasn’t easy for Jared Massey, but he said Wednesday he felt it had to happen.

The motivation, according to the 28-year-old telephone company employee, was to have the UHP act on his 2-month-old request to have the incident investigated.

The UHP’s internal investigation has been expedited since the posting to the dash cam video on YouTube and is expected to be completed early next week.

Heh, I’ll bet.

What is wrong with the police and their taser guns these days?

Sassiness will be punished by electrocution…welcome to Utah!

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