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Jun 22nd 2006

world cup crap

halftime, US vs. ghana: i have never seen a world cup snatched out of a team’s grasp so literally by the referees. the italy game, i thought, was as bad as it could get (there, two americans were sent off with ticky-tack red cards). now ghana gets a penalty kick in stoppage time–after an obvious dive–and goes up 2-1 in a game the US must win to advance.

it’s like….the world cup refs don’t like our foreign policy or something.

4 Responses to “world cup crap”

  1. Tiffany

    I can’t believe that the hockey fan didn’t post anything about the Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup. Everyone in the triangle has suddenly become excited about hockey–hopefully they won’t turn out to be fair-weather fans. If the excitement sticks it will be kind of neat to see a NHL franchise with this much support in an area where half the population has probably never even donned a pair of ice skates.

  2. tiff, my apologies. i’ll get on that right away.

  3. Ryan

    Agreed Travis. Although the US team didn’t seem to play as well as we would have hoped…the referees were absurd. They handed the games to the other teams.

  4. […] note: this post was written at the request rebuke of tiffany, a resident of north carolina. […]