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Apr 20th 2005

WWII Is a Quagmire

Being in Iraq for two years is a quagmire?

Ha! We’ve never left Europe since WWII.

6 Responses to “WWII Is a Quagmire”

  1. LaurenceB

    You are aguing that it would fine and dandy to have American troops in Iraq fifty years from now? That it would not be a “quagmire”? Is that really an argument you want to make?

    I dare say most Americans would have preferred not to have been in Europe fighting the cold war for the last fifty years. Nor do they want to spend the next fifty in Iraq fighting a mideast cold war.

    The last fifty years in Europe was a quagmire. It was not a good thing that we were there. We’ve been stuck there, and we haven’t been able to leave for a long, long time.

  2. doug

    I direct you here for assistance.

  3. LaurenceB

    OK. My bad.

  4. Matt McD

    I took the sense of humor test. I scored a 70%. That’s a C-.

  5. Andrew

    That’s a fascinating theory, Doug. I suppose if we pulled our troops out of Germany, the country would devolve into a violent sectarian civil conflict.

  6. […] –Andrew, Apr 2005 [link] By the way, Doug, if you rely on people like Michelle Malkin for your facts, you’re not going to be taken seriously an impartial commentor on events. […]