October 11, 2003

American Flags are to Liberals as Rays of Sunlight are to Vampires

I liked the Angry Clam's take on a recent happening in Central Florida. He notes,

UCF flag

Some people at the University of Central Florida hate the fact that there are symbols of the country that they live in in their classrooms. So, like any good leftist, they went on a binge of property destruction and vandalism.

The Clam quotes the supremely logical response of one professor to the incident:

Professor John Cannon was angered to learn the flag in Room 405 of the Math and Physics Building, where he teaches his Calculus III class, had been torn from its staff.

"The person that did it ought to be punished. If he's a U.S. citizen, then we should prosecute the sucker for defacing the American flag. If he's a foreign student that's a guest in our country, then we should ship him right back to where he came from and we should say, 'Since you hate our guts, go join your foreign policy or your war department, and we'll kill your ass.'" [source]

That's the Clam's portion. Then there's this comment, of which I approve, but which might offend you if you have a problem with America or sympathize with those who do.

Since 9/11, I have discovered that the American Flag is a mighty talisman, able to strike mortal fear in the hearts of liberals.

If you want to ward off liberals, progressives, greens, and socialists of every stripe, driving them back like hissing vampire hordes from an upraised crucifix, just display the Stars and Stripes!

The innate fear and loathing liberals have for the red, white, and blue, has become legendary since 9/11. The slightest display of patriotism sets their knees a-knockin'! One glimpse of Old Glory has their black capes draped over their heads as--sputtering and cursing--they stumble back toward their sarcophagi.

Even a modest lapel-pin flag is enough to keep all manner of liberal canine teeth at bay. If all else fails, simply place your right hand over your heart, and repeat those magic words, "I pledge allegiance ... TO THE FLAG!" This will send even the most powerful liberal shrieking from your presence as blood-flecked spittle runs from their mouth.

Now the secret is out, and we can drive those marauding arch-liberals from our presence like so many vampires from the dawning sun.

notice, from the picture, the flags were not simply removed. they were desecrated to send a hateful message.

...which brings up another point of leftist hypocrisy: bullying homosexuals is a hate crime, but bullying patriots is just HARMLESS bullying (and if you provide the flag and the lighter fluid yourself, its not even bullying AT ALL! then its "free speech").

if the left wants to be fair, it could start calling flag-burning a hate crime. but why not drop the silly distinction altogether and simply call crimes "crimes?" while we may accurately say, "American flags are to liberals as sunlight is to vampires," we, unfortunately cannot say, "Crimes against normal Americans are prosecuted as strongly as are crimes against a few special interest groups worshipped by the left."
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Posted by travis at October 11, 2003 04:57 PM | TrackBack

I am just amazed that I hear all the hoop-la over Janet Jackson at the superbowl halftime because she showed a little skin, and Kid Rock cuts a hole in the American Flag and throws it over his head like a pancho and parties in front of 60,000 americans...noone seemed to care! I was most offended and wish he had been arrested right off the stage! I wonder how the men fighting for our country over in Iraq watching the game felt about that! That is what the country should be all out of sorts about!

Posted by: Pam Claiborne at February 3, 2004 02:47 PM

pam, i agree with you in that people should be outraged over kid rock's lack of flag etiquette. if i had watched the 6-hour long commercial people like to call the superbowl, i might, too, have been offended. [link here]

as it stands, public nudity is illegal, as far as i can tell, whereas flag desecration is not. perhaps that's one reason for the lack of outrage? i don't condone either, but that's my explanation.

the problem with these entertainer types is that they're so out of touch with america. on sunday, justin, janet, and kid (do you think he goes by kid?) all showed us how out of touch they are with reality. then look at michael jackson...scary. look at the dixie chicks, when they made their now infamous GWB comments. all of these people have alienated their audiences, which often are made up of plain 'ol american families, christians, NASCAR fans, patriotic, non-PC people, who just want to have a good time without having their values and beliefs threatened. [link here]

Posted by: admin at February 3, 2004 03:32 PM