April 04, 2004

who enslaved the jews? film called 'blatantly anti-egyptic'

also, charlton heston is a meanie because he owns guns

it's that time of year again--the easter season--when one of the most popular movies of all time, the ten commandments (1956) starring charlton heston as moses receives it's annual TV airplay. however, this year, the anti-defamation league is raising questions that the movie may be full of anti-egyptian overtones.

"it is really troubling," said one egyptian who saw the film, "i'm afraid it may incite some anti-egyptian violence. i'm worried there will be a backlash from orthodox jews who see the film and become emotionally charged."

the size of rocks jews were asked to drag up inclined planes in the movie borders on unbelievable

the movie depicts brutal treatment of enslaved jews by their egyptian oppressors. the allegations come at an interesting time--a time when mel gibson's movie, the passion of the christ, is drawing criticism for its apparent implication of jews in the death of jesus.

like those who question the integrity of gibson's movie, critics of the ten commandments say that the storyline rests on one's interpretation of the biblical text--one which critics say was written by a biased author.

to put it simply, moses was the richard clarke of olden times. he wanted to be pharaoh, but was passed over for the job. to get back at the egyptians who snubbed him, he wrote a book, called "pentateuch: how ramses failed to protect us from the rising locust threat." --unnamed egyptian

genesis...exodus...leviticus...deuteronomy....numbers...the scandal is all spelled out in the pages of my new book, only $19.95 on amazon.com.  order your copy TODAY!'condi rice is a modern-day ramses.  she stole my 'pharaohood'.  and with it, my manhood,' confessed an emasculated clarke in the 9/11 hearings

the ten commandments has an estimated adjusted gross of nearly $800 million, placing it among the top-5 box-office films of all time. beliefnet claims the movie's popularity is proof that anti-egyptianism is prevalent in america.

so, who really enslaved the jews? it was all of us.
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this is satire. for a serious perspective, i recommend ramesh ponnuru. or for more of the same, scott ott. for especially immature attempts at humor, rest your mouse cursor over the pictures in this post.

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