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Jun 2nd 2005

dominic errazo quotes napoleon dynamite at spelling bee

by now you’ve all seen dominic errazo quoting napoleon at the scripps howard national spelling bee finals: do the chickens have large talons?.

[briant, before you say i am behind the times, ask doug when i originally sent this to him to be posted]

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Apr 17th 2005

napoleon dynamite quotes not enough for idaho legislature

idaho lawmakers have “legalized” the movie napoleon dynamite:

Fifty-eighth Legislature
First Regular Session – 2005


Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:

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Feb 19th 2005

AUDIO: napoleon dynamite soundboard featuring napoleon and pedro quotes

hear your favorite napoleon dynamite quotes in soundbyte audio form at there’s a napoleon dynamite soundboard and a pedro sanchez soundboard.

tip of the hat to mason.

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Jan 20th 2005

napoleon dynamite quotes, letterman top ten video

IMDB has a list of memorable quotes from napoleon dynamite. my favorite interactions in the movie are between (1) napoleon and uncle rico (2) kip and anyone (3) uncle rico and steak. the following is an example of 1 & 3:

Napoleon Dynamite: Grandma just called and said you’re supposed to go home.
Uncle Rico: She didn’t tell me anything.
Napoleon Dynamite: Too bad, she said she doesn’t want you here when she gets back because you’ve been ruining everybody’s lives and eating all our steak.
Uncle Rico: I’m not goin’ anywhere, Napoleon.
Napoleon Dynamite: Get off my property!
Uncle Rico: It’s a free country. I can do whatever I want.
Napoleon Dynamite: Get off my property or I’ll call the cops on you.
Uncle Rico: Well then do it! Go on!
Napoleon Dynamite: Maybe I will, GOSH!

we are still hosting the video clip of jon heder in character as napoleon reading the late show’s “top ten signs you’re not the most popular guy in your high school”. download or stream the video here. and we continue to recommend–quite vigorously–that everyone purchase the DVD.

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Jan 14th 2005

video: napoleon dynamite reading letterman’s top 10 list


i promised my dentist, a native of preston, idaho, that we would post this video featuring the late show’s “top ten signs you’re not the most popular guy in your high school”. napoleon dynamite (jon heder) presents the list.

and remember, kids: hygiene, tetherball, and bowhunting skills are the key to being popular with your peers. for complete instructions, get the napoleon dynamite DVD.

Jan 3rd 2006

travis’ favorites, year three

editor’s note: below you will find what i consider to be my best work from my third year on this blog (january 2005-december 2005). other years are here: year one (march 2003-march 2004), year two (april 2004 – december 2004), and year four (january 2006-december 2006). — travis

once again, it is a new year.

2006, i think.

and that means it is a perfect time to reflect on last year. this way, we can all just get the old year out of our systems and move on. here are my favorite posts from the past calendar year. enjoy.

  • napoleon dynamite quotes, letterman top ten video — this post is almost pure SEO….not very entertaining, but very popular with internet search engines. i’m just including it here because we got 123 comments on this post, which is some kind of record for our blog.
  • hilarious end to ward churchill’s university of hawaii visit — actually, this post isn’t that great. but i just like thinking about hawaii in january. mmmm. warm.
  • clueless media coverage of the pope’s funeral — i realize “clueless media coverage” is a bit redundant. forgive me.
  • another berlin wall crumbles — documenting the explosion of democracy abroad following bush’s reelection.
  • ward churchill continues to wow crowds with his use of free speech — the post isn’t that great, but the comment thread is off the hizzay.
  • VIDEO: tom cruise kills oprah — you have to see it to believe it.
  • new york doll movie review — the film is a gem, people. figuratively.
  • thomas jefferson sequoia elementary school — thomas jefferson sucks, obviously. trees are less controversial.
  • quran desecration rampant among gitmo detainees, newsweek silent — i detest newsweek. i would almost rather read “us weekly.” actually, i’d invariably rather read “us weekly”
  • brazilian hypocrisy astounds — although, in the end, i think they were on to something.
  • and the i-15 billboard — doug may need to try this idea soon.
  • lessons from 7/7/05: it’s us, not them — we’re evil. we deserve it.
  • “non-violence” chairman suggests killing president bush — what would we do without the non-violence chairman?
  • ANIMATED: push button, receive bacon — unexpectedly one of our most popular posts. i guess people just like bacon!
  • online home mortgage leads — some advice — a true story.
  • dingy harry reid and the english language — he was for it before he was against it.
  • CNN: “we picked sides a long time ago, and we don’t care who notices — and pretty much everyone’s noticed….
  • lydia cornell, ingrate — part II of an impromptu series pitting the vacuous lydia cornell versus the footnotious ann coulter.
  • lydia cornell, genius (let me count the ways) — part I of the impromptu series pitting the vacuous lydia cornell versus the footnotious ann coulter.
  • Jan 4th 2007

    four years of insults

    Insults and Putdowns for Dummies - the all-encompassingly edition

    now as we approach our fourth year of blogging at, i have gone through our comment history and found quite a few interesting insults directed either at travis, doug, or the blog. and i’ve realized a few things:

    (1) this list has taken me a lot longer to compile this year than it ever has in the past. i’m not sure if i’ll keep doing it in the years to come (unless we acquire some interns, that is). doug, let’s look into setting up an AE internship.

    (2) commenters don’t always deserve the attitude they get from me. sometimes they do because they are disingenuous, rude, or eye-rollingly repetitive. but often i think i overreact because i have such little patience for cockamamie ideas. given this realization, i could try to make some sort of new year’s resolution to be nicer or show more restraint, but i know i’d just break it in a few weeks, so why bother? i love to argue. fact.

    but i will take this opportunity to apologize to a few people. i called someone a loser several months ago. he knows who he is. i just wanted to apologize….to let him know how i really feel. the truth is, i’m very sorry you are a loser. there. i said it.

    to another person, whom i recently referred to with a very mild insult (contrast its severity to this one or this one) i’d also like to apologize. you are not a stupid piece of crap. in fact, for a piece of crap, you have very high intelligence.

    well, it’s good to get those apologies off my chest.

    we compile and repost these insults — not to claim any sort of victim status or even to imply that we don’t deserve these responses — but rather to show the strong reactions the blog has elicited from people (be they conservative or liberal, american, anti-american, canadian, australian, brazilian, italian, british, or french, black, white, or hispanic, heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, gay, or queer, mormon, evangelical, catholic, muslim, or atheist, students, or professionals, lawyers, bus drivers, teachers, D-list actresses / comediennes, scientists, political insiders, political outsiders, red staters, blue staters, immature teenagers, or bloggers). we piss them all off, and we do it fairly consistently.

    now, without further ado, here’s what people have to say about our blog, all-encompassingly. for full entertainment value, if a link is available, click through to follow the complete argument. quotations are current and updated through jan 2007 and are (for the most part) in chronological order beginning with the oldest:

    gives me heartburn and makes me want to hurt people.

    –Carina, Hollywood Film Critic

    Blatantly misleading and sensationalistic

    –Reginlief, Jul 2003 [link]

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